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Welcome to my personal website - thank you for visiting




My name is Haydn and thank you for visiting my personal website.


I am a Christian Minister living in North Wales and I will use this website to post various bits and pieces and give links for other websites and resources.


Besides being a pastor of two Churches here in Wales I like to spend time reading, gardening (that's my tulips at the top of this page) doing photography and spending time with family and with our latest addition a border collie dog called Benji.


In 2013 after years of problems I was finally diagnosed as having Crohn's Disease. In September 2014 I had a small bowel resection to remove the diseased part of my bowel. Crohn's along with Colitis are Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), different to IBS.

If you are able to support trying to find a cure for theses diseases you can find out more at:








Here I am with my wife Elaine, we have been married for 32 years come August 2015 and we have six children and one granddaughter.


Robert who is married to Abigail plus granddaughter Emma.

Steven married to Ruth

Laura, Andrew, Nicola and Gemma


We live in the seaside resort of Rhyl in North Wales having come here in 2006.

I am a farmers son, having been brought up on a farm in the village of Dinedor in Herefordshire. On leaving school I went into the motor trade and trained as a panel beater and sprayer for 3 years after which I attended theology college for one year before returning to the motor trade in which I concentrated on the spraying and refinishing aspects of the job.


In 1996 I was diagnosed as having Isocyanate poisoning from the heavy use of two pack paints and had to leave my employment.


For the next three years I did odd jobs in the town of Poole, Dorset where we moved to as a family in 1997. At the same time I did a two year distant learning theology training course and afterwards in 2000 we moved to Sudbury in Suffolk where I pastored a Church for 6 years while also working at the local supermarket doing night shift in the warehouse.


In 2006 we relocated to Rhyl.


I am a full time minister in The Apostolic Church a Pentecostal / Evangelical Denomination, pastoring a Church in Rhyl (Oasis Christian Centre) and in Wrexham (Bellevue Christian Fellowship) Elaine and I also run a small mission organisation called 'Occupy till I come' which raises money for Christian mission around the world (www.occupytillicome.co.uk) and I am also involved with 'Actionoverseas' visiting the Church in Hungary (www.actionoverseas.org)



The family

L to R

Andrew, Ruth, Steven, Gemma, Laura, Nicola, Robert, Abigail